8 Tools Every Homeowners Should Own

As a homeowner, you don’t have to be employing a professional to do some small tasks that you can do it yourself. At times you might find yourself free and see that your garden needs your attention. So, you hurry to the garage only to find out that you don’t have any tools that would help you. This guide provides information on 8 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own. Remember, the list only has some of the tools, there are much more tools you need as a homeowner.


  1. Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are essential tools to assemble two similar or different objects and separate them. They are very simple to use and are available at most hardware stores. The heads of the screws are of different shapes and sizes, and therefore it is necessary to have several screwdrivers.


  1. Hammer


A workshop will have at least one hammer that will do everything for you. But if you are one of those severe amateurs or a professional who often uses such tools, you should expand your search, as there are more options available than ever.


  1. Plunger


A Plunger is used to unblock blocked drains. They are of two types, one has a horizontal force cup that is used to clean the toilet, and the other has a contoured cup that can fit over the sink drains. Clogged drains are very common in homes and, therefore, you should have a piston in your home, so you do not have to hire a plumber in Ipswich for these irrelevant questions.


  1. Wrenches


The Wrenches are used to tighten or loosen the hoses. You would need at least two adjustable Wrenches; the first will hold a hexagonal nut and the second will be used to tighten or loosen. If you have a serious reconstruction of the house, you must also invest in a socket-set and ratchet.


  1. Plumbing tape


Plumbing tape is the essential tool you will need in an emergency. Helps seal the pipeline, reducing leaks. Using it is very easy. Wrap it around the leak area to prevent water from flowing. Although the plumbing tape offers temporary relief, it is essential when you cannot have a plumber in Ipswich right on your doorstep in minutes.


  1. Combination Pliers


A combination Pliers is also known as a line pliers, which can be useful for performing peeling, bending, cutting, gripping and twisting operation of the electric cable. Some of the clamps that have a grip handle and an opposite part have a negative point to drive the screw at the end. Combined pliers are designed for all regular wire cutting needs.


  1. Hand trowels


Hand trowels are a must for gardeners especially if you want to know how to care for potted strawberry plants. They are essential for the movement of the soil, as well as for the protection of your hands. Many gardeners use trowels to help weed the garden without accidentally damaging the plants. Hand trowels are suitable for all plants.


  1. Hand pruning saws


Folding pruning saw is an essential type of saw so that you can go camping. In fact, it is beneficial for gardening. These hand pruning saws are affordable to buy and also fold to slip into any critical type of tool bag or purse. Those small branches in the wrong place can soon be eliminated quickly.